Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zombie, p.y.t.!

Day 2
1st Otter pop of the summer!

A healthy summer breakfast

It was delightful to wake up and check on the projects from the night before.

A picnic in Southside Park with Angela!

It was quite romantic.

This guy was really up in our shit. When a squirrel gets pushy, things become a little scary.

Cloud Watching. She saw bunnies and lollipops. I saw a skull and a bat.

I wish this place was open.

Funny glasses brought to you by 99 cent store and the Tower parking lot. Rocked my new tie dye.

Getting prepped for Townhouse karaoke. Candice was being a delight as always.

Dylan with his biggest fan singing Pure Imagination. Killer.

This evening brought to you by:
the Cranberries' Zombie and Michael Jackson's P.y.t. - two songs that Candice and I have been trying to preform at karaoke for a year and finally got to make it happen.

-a "zombie, p.y.t." chant that was so contagious a few of the ladies in the parking lot joined in, even though they had no clue what was going on.
-getting a compliment from the bartender on my tie dye.

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