Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is the first day of the best summer ever.

First meal of the summer
Tuna fish and TecateWalked to Safeway to retrieve our necessary equipment for the start of summer.

Determined to make something happen, we drove to purchase a bbq and ingredients for kabobs.

Angela and I got things ready. Mama put the kabobs together and Popop put the que together.


First kabob of the summer brought to you by Matt White.
We tie dyed! My new summer uniform consists of a tie dye shirt, cutoffs, and flip flops.

A game of kung fu. It seems to be the unofficial game of the summer.
Lyrics to the best summer ever song by Gabe.

We started off the day having no idea what would happen and were quite impressed by the turnout. Bbq kabobs, tie dye t-shirts, kung fu! Incredible.

Day 1 brought to you by T.Rex's Slider
Fun fact:
While walking to the car in the 99 cent store parking lot, a little boy hollered, "Hey ladies!" from his car at us.

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