Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the duke shreds!

Day 15

We had the ultimate day that any little kid could hope for.

Southside Park bubble play

Playground shenanigans

The view from the merry-go-round

Kite flying. Not enough wind.
Angela had been b.s.e.ing too hard.The father of Mexico, apparently.
Flower crowns
Grumpy cat

Burger King kid's meals with Marmaduke toys.

Drive In!

My favorite bathroom entrance ever. I felt like a real creep trying to sneak a bathroom shot.

Duke, Duke, Duke!

The Prince of Persia was unwatchable, even after sitting through Marmaduke. They were also using the typeface Papyrus, ugh.

This was an awesome day, but I think we broke Angela.


  1. Hey, you can't get refunds on Angelas! You have to maintain them.

  2. Where did you get the snow cones from?