Thursday, June 10, 2010

d'you wanna be in my gang?

Day 10

A stroll in the neighborhood.
Everyday I pass these flowers and at one point was convinced that they were fake because the color was so vibrant.
This cat booked it to fall at my feet and roll over. Black cats are my favorite.

I'm particularly attracted to thistles. It must be that deep down I really am Eeyore.
Thanks for noticin' me

Happy Meal time. We were hoping for Marmaduke toys though.

We got these Shrek Rumplestiltskin toys. They laugh manically. It's kind of awesome.

Stopped at Gunther's to get, quite possibly, my favorite ice cream ever-coconut.
The most perfect scoop I have ever seen!

Dylan is making the bold choice to wear two different shoes.

Trying Bill Murray out on some shirts

It needs to be said that I want you, yes you, to be a part of my BSE. Anybody want me to make them a shirt? Be a part of the gang?


  1. I want that shirt more than anything!!

  2. I'm thinking that I'd be down to make anyone a t-shirt but I'm thinking of maybe charging a small fee.

  3. Count me in, we're living parallel BSEs!