Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not what I hoped

Day 3

As the wise Angela Ayala said, "The best summer ever comes in shifts."

After two awesome days, it was time to go to work and boy was it a bummer. The best summer ever is already draining our pocketbooks, so the time had come to earn.

Hopefully someone out there was picking up the slack and having a great time somewhere, but I think a day of rest was really in store.

My camera had died at this point and I ate a poor meal of Top Ramen and watched Top Chef Masters and wished I had food fit for gods.

The day was not without excitement, because I started having some serious chest pains and came to the conclusion that I eat way too much spicy stuff and consume too much coffee.

To try to salvage some sort of summer fun, I grabbed a blanket and went outside to sleep under the stars. Alas, the sky was cloudy and started to sprinkle.

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