Thursday, June 17, 2010

thriftin' and porchin' it.

Day 17
Since my partner in crime (Angela) was and is very sick, I ventured out on my own.


Some treasures I found, but did not buy.
I almost bought this beauty. It was on really nice canvas.
A terrifying dolphin
Oh the tchotchkes. So delightful and ridiculous.
I did buy this sweet Duran Duran wallet.

Porchin' it

Vegan Chili
Trent was casually walking by holding a giant horse skull.

A minute later a dude in a very lowered and pimped out car yelled at us, "There is a man holding a horse head down there. Watch out!"

Yoda Maxwell

Matt shared his drank with me.


  1. Thanks for posting about Drank. I've always wanted a beverage to help me slow my roll. Seriously.

  2. how was it? I've always been curious

  3. Seriously, where can such a beverage be purchased?

  4. I believe Matt said he got it at Taylor's? I could be wrong. It tasted like kool-aid and I guess it made me feel mellow. It's hard to tell because it was right before bed. I'd much rather drink something like it than an energy drink. I don't need to get all revved up.

  5. as you can see from the pictures... I poured the drank and then shit got trippy.

  6. what a lovely glamour shot of tits.