Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a very full day

Day 8

Boy this summer is tiring already. I could barely keep my eyes open in my break of dawn Stats class.

Check out these summer babes!

Today was the great Target run of 2010.
I got obsessed over the Zac Posen collection and was on a mission to find a certain swimsuit in my size. I ended up going to 5 Targets in a day because I'm crazy.

Target 1
Time: 11:07:48 am
Location: Natomas
Outcome: fail
Target 2
Time: 11:38:08 am
Location: Arden
Outcome: Bought shirt from collection on sale and a 6 dollar cardigan

Target 3
Time: 12:25:08 pm
Location: Madison
Outcome: fail, still no sign of swimsuit. Found dress I love but the zipper is broken.

Target 4
Time: 1:02:09 pm
Location: Sunrise
Outcome: Found swimsuit-looks scandalous. fail. Bought the dress I liked , this time with a working zipper.
Target 5
Time: 8:21:24 pm
Location: Broadway
Outcome: At this point I was done with Target, but Candy wanted me to go with her so I waited around and then she didn't want to anymore. fail. I decided to go anyway since it was on the way to where I was walking.

Between Target 4 and 5 I stopped at the MGM Grand for some unexpected activities. Art time!

Gabe's Ground Chuck nearly finished.
Matt's chalk ode to Star Wars.

Summer Al, sensing the force, stopped by with birthday boy Jay and Natalie. I was very jealous of their sno-cones. Even Heather rolled by.
Everyone assumed their positions.

Later that night:

Awesome print at Angela's house.

Went to my first high school party ever, at the age of 26.


  1. Aw man, you all should've totally come over yesterday; we had bbq, beers and a werewolf game (that I read about on Jorge Garcia's blog). We would've loved to share your company! Let's make our friend groups more of a venn diagram instead of two separate circles! Please?

  2. I would love that! I didn't know anything was happening!

  3. I left Renae a message begging to let me crash her swimming pool with her/Autumnal tomorrow. Maybe, if you don't have other BSE plans already, you can nag her too and we can convince her to let us swim our cares away, worry's for another day, let the music play... err... wait.

  4. yeah! I do have to work till 5 though and don't actually own a bathing suit.

  5. Man, it's a lot easier to have the best summer ever when you work at Tower Theatre. Does Gabe take paid commissions? He said he did once, but maybe he was hurting for money real bad.

  6. That's true. Tower does help, but honestly I'm really pushing myself to do stuff. My instinct is to hole up and do nothing all alone because it is easier. So in a way I'm really working hard and challenging myself and comfort level. Gabe would definitely welcome any commission. I'd really like to see you Scotts. Miss ya. You too can have the best summer ever!

  7. I probably have a list of things we'd like commissioned. Summer existing already challenges my comfort level. Watching BSE from a cubicle sucks.

    ps. Dear Amanda call me

  8. I need you to be a part of my BSE. For sure.