Friday, June 4, 2010

dickle my dixon this

Day 4

Worked in the morning. The previous day's disappointment quickly left me because I knew what the evening had in store.

First up: an Oscar's run

An hour and a half later at the entrance of the Secret Alley in San Francisco
The Secret Alley= clubhouse of my dreams

The Snow Buddies band:

Johnny Diamonds made a surprise appearance, and he called me out!

Snagged that set list.

Watched screening of:
I can't wait to see it again! Come see it At the Guild Theater on June 27th. Download the soundtrack here. It is mind blowing. Also, check out Bachelor Blues if you haven't yet.

The aftermath:
Beard trimming talk
Kung fu

Road trip brought to you by the car game dickle my dixon. Ask Lil' Maxwell to explain it you.

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