Friday, July 27, 2012

turns out that I hate all "fun"

 I though it would be fun to go to the fair, mostly I wanted to see Joan Jett.
 I don't know how I forgot that I hate heat, crowds, spending money, and seeing caged animals- all things that the fair does encompass.
 But there are always weird things to see at least. Like the county exhibits
 wizard cutouts

 kid art is my favorite

 adult art isn't quite as good but there are a few highlights.

 It's hard for me to be at Cal Expo and not get the ice cream of the future just like I did as a young girl at Waterworld. Does that make it the ice cream of the present?

 we look like awkward 70s prom dates.

Basically the whole reason this blog exists is to change my memories to make the days all seem awesome. It's hard for me now not to think this was a fun trip because the pictures are so fun. But I know I was being such a grump. Know what I'm talking about?

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  1. that's just about every one of my state fair trips too.