Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jet setter

Got invited to a swanky party at the new Sacramento airplane terminal to look at the art.
The much talked about giant red bunny was absolutely a stunner.
Leap by Lawrence Argent
Being in an empty brand new terminal felt very luxurious

I can't imaging these rockers will actually be empty once the terminal is open
Active Ecosystem by Camille Utterback and Michelle Higa
It felt like there were no lights on at all. There is so much glorious sunlight drifting through the place
Magpies catered and we ate delicious meats and cheeses till we were about to explode

Christian Moeller’s The Baggage Handlers
up close

Mildred Howard's The House will not pass for any color but its own

Suzanne Adan's Flying Colors

Donald Lipski's Acorn Steam

This translated typed words from an internet station behind it into music.
Your words are music to their ears by Living Lenses (Louise Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang)

best date ever
Even birds get x-rayed at the airport
Migration by Marcia Stuermer
Congratulations Sacramento! You have a lovely airport now.

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