Saturday, June 11, 2011

a perfect Sacramento Day

Ate at Aviators (6151 Freeport)
This is like my dream come true restaurant
Good, cheap breakfast, 70s decor, in an airport.
I ordered the Airboss. How could you not?

Thriftin' finds
The best spot to chill in Sacramento- The new Bows and Arrows patio
I in no way can afford Fat Face sandwiches, yet I can't help myself

I spot a trend!
Hanging out in front of Scout Living- a new home furnishings collective(1215 18th Street). Look fro Brandi Scott's shelf space in the middle with the tags that read Scavenger Hunt. This place is full of great stuff that I can't afford.

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  1. I'm glad my Sha Na Na tshirt made it in. Whose panama hat is that? Jay or Natalie? Janatalie?