Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the busiest/raddest day yet

Got up early and installed nearly all my art in the Bows and Arrows bathrooms
Scrambled to get all the equipment together and crammed in one last band practice before and showering and going to The Best Summer Ever Party.
Blowing up decorations.
Chad was cracking me up with how delighted he has by the Fat Face popsicles

There was such a good turn out and fun seemed to be had by all. Thanks to everybody for really making this the best summer ever!
Late in the night we made Nacho Fries hotdog tacos. They were epic.
I need pictures of the performance! Send them to me if you have some please! Bestsummereverblog@gmail.com


  1. had i known hotdog tacos were involved i may have tried to crash your party and then Summer Al could have continued playing bump it or dump it with OMF

  2. aw man! Had I known you would have been interested, I certainly would have extended an invite. We gorged out and watched a show on VH1 about the career of N.W.A.

  3. now see there ya go. OMF on N.W.A. = bump it. perhaps Al is on to something here....