Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Old timey fun

Day 36
I hadn't been to Old Sac since I was a little girl.

A sucker for all hand done type

That Coco Fizz was amazing

Fanny Anns

The one in the middle is Alberto. It was his 75th birthday and he was quite a delight.

The Drive-In

I like to punish myself and others by watching the Twilight movies, which are so awful. How you make a movie about vampires and werewolves so boring is beyond me.


  1. We should have brought alberto he would have made that movie entertaining. or he could have taped our eyes shut with flower stickers!!

  2. that fox mask? yes please!!

  3. Old Sac gets such a bad rap as being a tourist trap but I think it rules! It's always funny to me to see the people who have chosen Sacramento as their vacation destination.


  4. I stole a bunch of those napkins when I was dayraging at fanny anns