Thursday, July 1, 2010

follow where the road takes you

Day 31
Just when I thought nothing noteworthy was going to happen, I walked out of my room and found a tiny kitten named Maude and the company of Whitney and C.J.

Midnight run to Marie's

We ate our donuts while jamming out to ABBA in the car.


  1. Cow's milk is not for kitties...

  2. I know, I wanted to say something but Maude was just sort of sniffing around anyway.

  3. Also, where is Marie's? I'm pretty sure Maddy will schnarf when she sees a donut/kitten excursion happened without her.

  4. Aw I need to get her number. Marie's is on freeport, pretty close to Oscar's.

  5. You are FB friends with her, no? Let's get on top of that shit. No more schnarfing!

  6. I came into my car this morning and my Abba cd had litterally split in exploded from our awesomeness!