Saturday, September 1, 2012

this is growing up

 Went on a mini trip to San Francisco to see a band
 I ended up buying a ticket to see a band that was first introduced to me through a pen pal from Michigan named Anthony. This was before the days of social networks. We started bonding over aol instant messenger over our music tastes. We sent each other mixtapes and such through the mail
 He sent me a cd of this band Promise Ring. They meant a lot to me at the time and got me through crappy high school stuff. They broke up before I ever got a chance to see them. I promised myself if they ever got back together, no matter where it was I would go.
 In one of my previous relationships we bonded over our love for this band. I always figured we would see them together if ever such an event happened.

I ended up going by myself. It felt like the right thing to do, like I closed a chapter of my life and was stronger by seeing it through alone.

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