Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye Tower Theatre

I'll have you know that nothing is harder for me than change. This month I'm making a lot of change. just because.

Remembering Tower:
photo by Jessica Lopez
 I got hired because of Cody Scott and started my first day at Tower theatre on Black Friday of 2006. Since Gladys recently left, there is not one person left from the day I was first hired. Our movies at the time where Babel, For your Consideration and the Queen

Tower Theatre has been a real roller coaster of great and awful times.

photo by Jessica Lopez
I have files full of art made at Tower theatre by coworkers. My favorites are usually Chris Olsen's doodles.

by Chris Olsen
by Chris Olsen
 Nothing can change the fact that I have been with Tower longer than any relationship and I have never grown so much in my life then during the years I have spent here.
 Since I started I have been in three relationships, have continued to go to Community College and met some of my favorite people ever.
by Jessica Lopez

 While it has been fun and all, I think it is time for me to move on Tower.
 My last Day:
This sweet painting was waiting for me in the box for me from Jon Buck.
 My last meal is on Tower.
 From day one I said that this guy was coming with me when I go. I tore it right off the wall. It's you and me Aragorn.
After work last day celebration drinks. I wore my hair the exact same way I wore it on my first day. Same clothes and all.
 To moving on.

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