Wednesday, February 15, 2012

baby's first trip to Corti

 If you can believe it,  I had never been to Corti Bros till this day.
 Of course it was amazing. It took me far too long to make it to this gem. It will now be in heavy rotation.
 Our Valentine's day dinner, brought to me by the hands and mind of Gabriel Nokes

on the valentine's menu tonight:
fromage chimay w/ ruhstaller 1881
seared endive w/ meyer lemon thyme vinaigrette
sauteed brussel sprouts with shallot and sherry vinegar
peppered beef tenderloin with burgundy (from Burgundy) pan sauce

and dessert from ginger elisabeth

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  1. Dude, I too just took my first trip to Corti's, like 2 weeks ago. I bought the Michelangelo. it was de-lish