Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Press

We went to The Press (1809 Capitol Ave.) and probably had the most awkward dining experience ever.
We were told that there would be nothing available till 8 (2 hours from our arrival) and were then seated at an awkward window seat by the door that appeared to be where people would wait for a table. It took about 2 minutes for our appetizers to come out and it was a great deal later that we received the wine we ordered to pair with them. They continued to bring out our 2nd and 3rd courses with barely any time in between
By dessert I had so many glasses in front of me due to no time to drink them. The food was pretty unremarkable and though we dropped over $100, it felt as if we were rushed out of there in favor of other parties. I would have preferred fast food to this kind of experience. Unfortunately I will never want to go back.
After we headed to Grocery Outlet where we got European candies and a movie. It really saved the night.

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