Thursday, October 13, 2011


 I have had some wildly inconsistent dishes at Magpie. Sometimes amazing, sometimes really over/under seasoned. As someone who makes minimum wage, I can't afford to keep eating at more expensive place that does not deliver all the time.
 I've heard good things about the steak tartare. It was pretty tasty but it was agreed upon that we wished it was allowed to actually taste like meat and wasn't so heavily seasoned.
 The crispy pork belly was absurdly amazing. Absurd! Go and get it now.
The lavender crème brûlée was delicious as well. Despite some small issues Magpie really pulled through this time. For the most part when I go somewhere nice I really feel as if the waitstaff treat me lower then other customers for whatever reason. It is rare that I am treated with utmost respect as if my opinions and experience really matter. On this occasion our waitress gave us the perfect amount of space, attention when needed, and respect. It was such a wonderful change of pace for someone to make me feel important. Thanks Magpie.

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