Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sacramento is bustling!

It's 9 am and this is happening directly outside of my bedroom window. The band kicked it off with 'Smooth' by Carlos Santana and Rob Tomas. It was my personal hell. Oh, what is that? You are playing 'Love Shack' now? Perfect. I didn't want to sleep anyway.

So I left the house. These marbleized roses were intriguing me.
Headed over to the Sacto MoFo. It was crazy, as I'm sure you have heard.
Dancin' hot dogs
I could only handle waiting in the line for Fat Face popsicles and got to see Chad's sweet Twin Peaks shirt.

I had a plum basil green tea popsicle, but could not even think about standing in this mess.A limo that kept circling
Headed over to Mike's 40th birthday party

The kids were loving this singing balloon
They loved it so much that it popped.
The birthday boy drinking my present

Show in Davis with the Croissants and Dreamdate

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